Tips For A Successful Real Estate Blogging

So, you have got yourself established as an independent real estate agent. The next piece of the puzzle is to get some clients.

You have probably heard a lot anecdotally about getting your own blog, but perhaps have shied away from it up until this point.

There’s no point in us lying to you – writing a successful blog is a big commitment, especially because, in the beginning, it may feel as if you are doing a lot of work for not a lot of reward. But don’t lose heart.

You should keep plugging away at it because the more regularly it is updated, the more successful it will be.

Here are some of the main points to think about before starting.


Firstly, you need someone to host you and a domain name. We advise you to pick a domain name that describes simply what you are doing (real estate) and in the area you are in.

WordPress rule the roost when it comes to blogging – and although you can certainly use this service for free, we would advise you to go to subscription service on it, for a better result.

If you subscribe, you will have a greater control over your design, for a start off.


Creating content is, of course, the name of the game in a blog. Now if you are not a natural in this you can always pay a professional writer or blogger to do it for you.

Posts work better if they are between 300-500 words long and engage the reader, right from the start.

Before you start writing, ponder who your target audience are and how best to appeal to them.

Is there a driving point of your article, or does it just meander on aimlessly? You need to be leading your reader to a conclusion or a call to action, by the final paragraph.

Be clear about what it is that you want to achieve before starting your blog.


Images are all important on a blog and the visual element – or lack of it – can make or break it.

No one wants to read solid blocks of text, with no images. On the other hand, the images do not want to overwhelm the reader either.

Strike a balance and make sure it looks easy on the eye.


Although this is a whole separate topic on its own, we feel this needs a mention. Video is set to overtake the printed word, as the medium for communication on the internet.

So why not consider uploading a video blog?

Like a written blog, this needs to be concise, interesting and grab the attention of the viewer right from the first frame.


Once you have written your blog, you need to get people to see it. This in itself can be an uphill challenge.

Here, you need to utilize your social media accounts for all they are worth. Post interesting snippets of your work, as tweets or posts on social media.

You might want to experiment with paid social adverts, when you are just getting started, as a way of generating interest.

Whatever else you do, don’t give up!