3 Questions to Ask Your Realtor Before Hiring Them

A smart consumer will never settle for the very first realtor who would knock in his doorsteps. He would ask around and be choosy in picking the right agent that best represents his interest. It should be the same for the agent. An intelligent realtor will ask you questions to probe if he will benefit from the transaction. There are also agents that are selective about their clients, too. 

If you are looking for the best agent that you can trust, it is important to remember to ask the following questions to the potential candidates: 

1. How long have you been a realtor?

This doesn’t mean that you are belittling agents who merely just got their licenses. This question intends to solicit responses that will make everyone on the same playing field. The starters need to exert more effort in making you understand that they have what it takes to do the job. This must leave the impression that they are as confident as the veteran realtors in buying and selling a property. By asking this question, you will have a clear understanding who among these agents can represent you during the entire selling/buying. 

2. What Is Your Strategy for My Needs?

The answers here depends whether you are the buyer of the seller.  

As a seller, you might have follow-up questions such as: 

How will you put my house in the listings? 

Do you consider setting up an open house? 

How are you going to reach more prospects through the internet or traditional campaigns? 

What kind of photos are you going to use? Are you also going to use video? 

How fast do you think my house will be sold? 

If you are the buyer, you need to know: 

How will you find me the house that I want? 

How much do you think the house that I want will cost me? 

Can you help me with lending issues? 

If I’m not available meeting the seller, can you do the offer yourself?  

3.  How much do you expect for commission? 

It is important that you understand how much your agent will charge you. Ask about his rate so that you will know if you can afford to pay him. Aside from his commission pay, ask what other expenses that he will charge you during the entire selling/buying process. He should discuss with you his basis for asking his rate and if he satisfactorily does that, try to negotiate if you are on a budget.