The Advantages of DIY Real Estate


Selling your own home has lots of perks. Most home sellers will want to work with a Real Estate Sonoma Valley company because they think that selling their homes by themselves is complicated. However, the benefits you get from doing the transaction yourself sure will earn you great gains and a good experience. So if you are thinking of putting your property in the market, here the reasons you should do it on your own.  

You keep the commission for yourself. When you work with an agent, your realtor will get 5 to 7 percent of the amount of the sale. That means, if you sell your home for $250,000, your agent will have a $12,500 to $17,500 cut. Just imagine what you can do with that amount of money!

You get to choose who you want to sell your house to. For most realtors, their end goal is to sell the house to whomever wants it as soon as possible. But to most home owners, a property will always have an emotional significance to them. So if you want your house to be properly taken care of, being able to know your buyer personally is a good way to see if they are the best people to own your home. 

You have control over the deal with the buyer. When you solely put the transaction in the hands of your realtor, there is no assurance that the deal will push forward to a sale. There might be issues that you and the buyer might not agree with despite having a middle person to arrange things for you. It is best to make the deal with the buyer so you both know your expectation in the process.  

Work with a real estate lawyer. If there is one thing that you should do when you sell your property to someone, it is to hire a real estate lawyer. Every other thing can be done by the property owner themselves. The lawyer will take care of the legal documents like the sales contract, the disclosure forms, the copies of the survey and the deeds of the home. 

Do your own marketing. If you are worried where to enlist your property, use FSBO websites. There are tons of ForSaleByOwners website online. You may just have to pay a small price for the listing. 

Selling your home gives you full control over how you want your selling transactions to progress.  You get to keep your own money as commission for yourself as well. Good luck with the sale!